April 14, 2008

My bike, a dream come true

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I was still a young child, very innocent by the tender age. I was barely 11 years old and my dream was to possess a bicycle. My father, now deceased, was a very strict man. He told me that i would get a bicycle as reward only if i succesfully succeeded my exams. My child mind started to work. I dreamt about my bicycle day and night and wondered when the time will come. Whenever i saw a bicycle, i looked at its make and design and wished that it could be mine. At times i wondered i would never get one as it was simply too much for me to wait. But still i would hope that i would get mine one beautiful day.

Time passed and finally came the day for the exams. My dad bid me good luck and told me firmly to do well in the exams. I worked with my heart and soul and days saw me frustrated as a small child with dad helping me with the revisions after the exams. I have to say that i learnt a lot from my deceased father and these things will remain with me forever. I remember being scolded and breaking into tears as dad helped me out with my Maths revisions. Sometimes i would even be unable to utter a word and dad would laugh when he saw me looking straight in his face without even moving. After days of such endurance, finally the exams were over and it meant holidays. I enjoyed myself so much during the holidays that sometimes i nearly forgot about my beloved bicycle.

Then came the day for the verdict. The results were out and i was up early in the morning in a really tense mood. I can still remember this feeling. It made me sick. Neither would i eat nor drink. Dad accompanied me to the school. It was not long until we came out with the results. Clearly i was disappointed with my results. I had been expecting to obtain a much better result. Dad as well was expecting much more from me. But still i had successfully passed my exams and it was good news. I wiped off my tears and now thought about my bicycle. I did not say anything to my father fearing to hear a negative response. I kept quiet.

As i awoke the next day, i did not know that this day would be one of the best in my life. Dad came to me and told me that he’s going to buy a bicycle for me. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to finally ride my new bike. Hours after, we were at the store choosing a bike. I chose the most wonderful blue bike in the world. I was so happy. I kept the bicycle as something extremely dear to me. I used this bike for 8 years and it was gradually consumed by time. Nowadays this bike no longer exists but i will certainly remember the joy that it gave me as a child. Most important of all, i would forever remember that my father gave me a bicycle for the sake of my happiness.


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  1. Yusrinah said,

    These moments of life are certainly unforgettable. It reminds a bit of my chilhood which is somehow touching as yours 😦 But the difference here is that instead of being gifted what i wanted i got pocket money which was not bad also 🙂

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